The reason why each CS:GO clan participate many events(B)

In this case, the team at the same time come up with all the players in the training room training idea, in theory, this is a good way, because it can simulate the line game players side by side combat environment, which can improve the players Between the exchange, so that you can make the implementation of tactics more smoothly. But there will be some problems in the actual operation: the players need a separate space to enjoy their own lives, it is like the first time and friends cohabitation when they have never been some of the small problems you found will make you feel bad same. All this will make the team produce unnecessary friction, and compared to traditional sports, CSGO team only five people, which makes the internal chemical reaction is more important, so these factors become a clan development risks.

Increasing investment in team game models, tactics and preferences will make CSGO up to a higher level. Since many teams have the capital to hire more than full-time coaches, kostenlose cs go Giveaway then once Valve allows the coach to return to the command position of the game, then we may see a team in the near future with both a coach and a lot of assistant coaches. Level, CSGO can simulate the American football coaching group model – a team with both offensive and defensive end two different coaches, which will be a possible future trend.
But the reality is that coaches cannot play enough role, and training under the same roof is not rewarding for players, and analysts in the ranks are of little use (they have only a few data for their research), which allows teams to Other levels of investment to make the team progress. Obviously, the investment will be the most obvious and most expensive direction to change, that is to buy first-class players. And the players and management are also tacit, six or even more than the transfer fee confirmed the players are now how to lift the championship trophy.
Although NiKo’s $ 500,000 astronomical contract is widely considered to be misleading rumors, there is no doubt that the current CSGO team is willing to continue to increase the money to buy players to enhance the team’s competitiveness: RUBINO decided to enter the inactive State, cs go Messer Giveaway North immediately bought aizy; NiKo also mousesports big contract struggling, FaZe choose to save him and put it into the bag; and when fnx and the team came out of the sound, SK also immediately from Immortals Hired felps.
While there are still some teams that lack sufficient funds to buy players that are enough to change the war situation, the industry’s overall trend is obvious – this is the era of large-scale players in the CSGO career circle.
In this way, everyone is the winner. Fans and the media are amazed by the growing number of players in the contract, some teams have increased their strength and others have received funds, unless the new policy allows the team to work with the sponsor to pay for the players, otherwise something like this Will be repeated every day.
FaZe in the NiKo deal in the head color, and his acquisition amount for the clan is only a drop in the hair. But when we put our eyes on CSGO only, even though they lost the genius of NiKo just 20 years old and could guarantee more play in the next few years, mousesports may get more benefits, especially when you consider The contract itself may soon expire, that NiKo may not have long been able to leave the case for free.
At present, the momentum of CSGO development has not slowed down. But unless the internal structure of the industry has improved, then when all favorable conditions are gone, not only the arms race will stop, more serious is that its collapse rate will make the whole career circle has a strong sense of frustration, which is bound to lead to the market Bubble burst. In this case to be profitable, each team needs to invest more than the current funds and bear a higher risk.

Rooney indicate his leave in this summer

Rooney and Manchester United’s fate seems really is done! British media “Daily Mirror” pointed out that Rooney has strongly hinted that he was leaving the team, Rooney dissatisfied with his current position in the team, he longed for more playing time, which is Mourinho can not give him. And the “Daily Mail” is photographed Rooney brokers and Mourinho together out of the Lori hotel (Mourinho’s residence) of the screen, the British media that Rooney’s agent has begun to plan the transfer of Manchester United captain.

UEFA Cup semi-final pre-match conference, Rooney bluntly: “I am a football player, I need to play the game.You asked me if I will not stay team? fifa coins I have been here for 13 years, but I want to get more More time to play. “Reporters then asked the next season will play for Manchester United? Rooney replied, “I certainly want to, but football will change, and you will always be experiencing some changes in your career, and this season I will not be able to play in the way I used to be.
“Yes, you want to play, you want every game to get started.Sometimes, this is football, I can only continue to struggle in order to get the opportunity again.” Rooney said: “I have been working. Or the field, I do my best to contribute to the team.Now I want to help the team into the European Cup final, this is a good opportunity for us.

This season, Rooney in Manchester United became a substitute, was almost forgotten. However, with Ibrahimovic seriously injured, Wayne Rooney was again Mushuai into the starting. Objectively speaking, Wayne Rooney’s current state has reached the requirements of Mourinho, if not no one available, Mourinho estimated that will not be enabled Rooney. 31-year-old Rooney this season only in the Premier League played 12 times, fifa 17 coins belongs to his era has passed. This year’s winter window, Wayne Rooney had infinitely close to join the super, there is news that his agent had already come to China.

Summer window is about to open, Wayne Rooney’s agent Paul – Streiff once again appeared in the public eyes. Yesterday, the “Daily Mail” photographed such a scene: Mourinho and Streiff has come out of the Lori hotel, two out of the hotel time only a few minutes. “Post” firmly believe that Streiff is certainly and Mourinho met, and their conversation must be the theme of Rooney’s future.

Mourinho said more than once, he will not stop Rooney’s transfer. As long as Wayne Rooney want to go, Manchester United will be unconditional release. This summer, Manchester United’s striker will usher in a big reshuffle, Mourinho will hit heavily into the top striker, Gryzman and Lukaku and others are his goal. Obviously, Wayne Rooney in the future of Manchester United is bleak. After many considerations, Rooney is very likely to make a decision to leave the team, which is conducive to his return to the national


Barca has renewed with Messi till 2022


League champions farther and farther, Messi’s future is getting closer. Monday’s “Daily Sport newspaper” gives headlines that Barcelona and Messi have reached a basic agreement on the renewal, unless there is a huge turning point, otherwise the Argentine star will definitely sign a new with Barcelona contract. But taking into account the current Barcelona may still win the league, as well as the King’s Cup final to play, Catalan media that the renewal will not be completed in recent weeks, the most likely time is the end of the season, plum West leave the vacation before.

And Messi to complete the renewal is undoubtedly one of the key work of Barcelona this season, the first half of the season was heard Messi suspended negotiations with Barcelona, ​​does not rule out the possible news of leaving Barcelona. But in the past one or two months, fifa ultimate team coins everything began to move in the right direction, Barcelona and Messi’s contract negotiations officially restart. In fact, on Saturday, “Marca” gave an exclusive report, said Barcelona President Bartome Meu personally in the last Friday and Messi father Jorge had talks, and some key elements reached a consensus.

According to the news of the Catalan media, after the weekend Barcelona defeated Villarreal, Batuo Meiyu and Jorge also held talks, and the renewal reached a basic agreement, and now only Some details of the terms need to continue to discuss, but this is not a big problem, fut coins Jorge can not even stay in Barcelona, ​​after returning to Argentina through remote video can get. “World Sports Daily” said the Barcelona and Messi will sign a five-year contract, that is renewed to 2022, the contract expires when Messi has 35 years old, then Messi may return to Argentina to continue Play, but this is definitely Messi’s last contract in European football.

The annual salary, the previous negotiations in the offer of Barcelona in 35 million euros, all aspects of the Macy team show this figure is not too satisfied, which is one of the main points of the two sides, so the Spanish media also speculated that the reason why the negotiations To make a breakthrough, it is likely because Barcelona has made concessions in the annual salary, which also means that Messi’s annual salary will certainly be more than 35 million euros, the Argentine will become the world’s highest annual football

Lost 3 goals in succession, exposing Real Madrid’s the fatal weakness


皇马在魔鬼的审查演出,后四场比赛,虽然结果可以接受,但过程中发挥起伏。对马德里竞技联赛,FIFA终极团队硬币 皇马1-0领先,但不幸的均衡一张单人床,和自己的家中或战斗。皇马练级自己,如果不是巴萨在对阵马拉加的斗争时链条,两队不能平分。
然后欧冠首轮对阵拜仁 ,皇马在安联球场如果不是哈维-马丁内斯吃到红牌,银河战舰可能不能够客场取胜。然后,安切洛蒂的球队只有10人 ,皇马并没有扩大总比分差距,使得第二轮的比赛中充满了悬念。拜仁打进在伯纳乌进球球后,看到晋级的希望,FUT硬币 尽管皇马在吃子弹的目标,但加班两次回球平衡,但坦率地说在伯纳乌与南金说皇马针对剧中饰演不理想。
讽刺的是,巴萨本赛季表现强劲的死去活来,欧冠,虽然击败了巴黎大促销,但在巴黎公园球场的王子是0-4惨了,最终出来的尤文图斯也因为首回合0 -3失去了太惨了。而皇马在自己的主场,但没有抓住巴萨对阵强大的强者机会溜走,实在滋滋觉得可惜。
和皇马的防守再次让球队吃了不好的后果,纳瓦斯对1月30日对游戏的英国皇家学会反对者近三个月无零,也是最后一次。其次是哥斯达黎加门将9联赛和 4欧冠所有丢球。但门将和性能不良的防线有直接的关系,今晚,但Navaas多次救主,挽救了帕科,苏亚雷斯和皮克至少3将成为目标,如果没有父亲,皇马主场早已被打花。皇马在欧冠中的未来希望赛冠军,必须是防御性的,尤其是在伯纳乌不能让马竞打进了一球之遥,但本赛季,皇马10欧洲冠军联赛都输的球,齐达内一直没有找到太良好的方式。
虽然魔鬼赛程暂时结束,但皇马仍然是一个双线作战任务艰巨。计划和巴萨是不容易的,但幸运的是皇马板凳够厚,上轮旋转的9人仍可以客场取胜希洪竞技,今晚Ĵ罗替补出场,赢得了国家德比的第一个进球,但并没有帮助皇马主场取分。两线作战的未来 ,皇马暴强的优势仍然是Zizu的王牌,巴塞罗那今晚只有一个人,恩里克手中无人可用,皇马如果联赛输给家境贫寒咬烂了巴塞罗那,真的可惜了。

Zidane refused to sell the national star


Want to get a place in the Bernabeu is a very difficult thing, because even in the Real Madrid bench, and never lack the world’s top stars. As a result, many teams will be collecting the big net of the players to Real Madrid, James – Rodriguez and Arsenio will appear in the other teams among the purchase list. According to the latest news, Klopp coached Liverpool hopes to Arsenio incurred under the command, for which the Red Army at 55 million euros, and ambition in the revival of Serie A International Milan has met J Luo’s agent.
Arsenio is Real Madrid’s biggest surprise this season, the Spanish teenager last summer from the Spanish team to rent back, coach Zidane on the 21-year-old Real Madrid midfielder very trust. This season, Arsenio played 29 times, scored 9 goals assists 2 times, the performance is very good. And in the end of the Champions League, Arsenio off the bench, scored a goal to seal the victory. Clop that Arsenio is in line with their own style of the players, slag hope this summer to attract the future star to strengthen the midfielder of the Red Army.

According to the latest news from the Spanish media “Aspen”, Arsenio has become the object of European giants competing to chase, and which shows the greatest sincerity is Liverpool. Clop’s team in order to successfully attract Arsenic, at the ho hit 50 million euros. fifa ultimate team coins But the story did not follow the direction of the development of Klopp design. Real Madrid does not want to let go with the unlimited potential of the Spanish players, and coach Zidane is not willing to single-handedly promoted the love of the Premiership away, Zizu that Arsenio can under the guidance of their own sublimation, Dane also believe that Arsenio can make more contributions to Real Madrid. Arsenio himself now has no desire to leave the Bernabeu. Therefore, Keluo Pu want to wish to buy Arsenio can be described as difficult.
Compared with Arsenio, J Luo leave the possibility of higher. This season in the Bernabeu unsuccessful Colombian star and “leave the team” is closely linked to the words, where J Luo appeared in the major media headlines, the vast majority of the subject of the theme of “dissatisfaction and leave.” fut coins As the World Cup in 2014 the Red Star, J Luo’s ability to be recognized by all parties, especially in front of the front of the role of the organization is very obvious. Therefore, many teams want to get Colombians, which will include Inter Milan.

According to the “Gazzetta dello Sport,” the latest news, Inter Milan Sports Director Osiri in Beijing today morning and the famous agent Mendes met, which caused the outside world infinite reverie. Ocilio appeared in the Louis V stadium to watch Monaco against Dortmund’s Champions League second leg. Italian media pointed out that Inter Milan sports director at least with Mendes discussed his two players under the command of the transfer problem, including Real Madrid star J Luo and Monaco popular defender Fabio. The former intention to leave the team, and is expected to transfer fee of 60 million euros or so; the latter’s transfer fee may reach 30 million
Although the two players worth a lot of money, but to lead the completion of the revitalization of Inter Milan Suning Group is willing to introduce J Luo and Fabio. However, Inter this summer in the transfer market is difficult to have a strong attraction, because the Nerazzurri can not get the Champions League qualification next season, even the European Union is also not stable in the hands of qualified. This Inter Milan’s signings may have far-reaching effects.

KriLLe: I learned a lot from Magisk and TACO


Kristian “KriLLe” Ekroth is a very promising young player from Sweden, now playing for Rogue’s youth team. KriLLe took the interview with theScore esports and answered the source of inspiration for the Rogue team and team formation.

Q: as a proactive team in such a proactive player, you can simply introduce yourself? How did you start your CSGO career? What are the characteristics of your team so that your fans are so fascinated?

My name is Kristian “KriLLe” Ekroth, I started my CSGO cs go Jackpot career from 2016. After a few months after the more difficult to choose to give up, back to school to learn life. But then I decided to return to CSGO stadium, hoping to become a good professional players.

I have tried to set up a team, but the truth is not as smooth as expected. Later, I and some players received GODSENT youth team invitation, but then I was removed from the list.cs go Jackpot seiten  After the three players formed the “HOMESENT”, after accepting their training, they think I was a good complement to their team.

At the beginning of this year, Hampus [Hampus “Shaabi” Johansson] and I have some contact, talking about them want to set up a youth team, I hope to be responsible for the formation of the team.

At the beginning of our team only I and Shadow [Tobias “Shadow” Flodström], but slowly we tried [Jakob “Barken” Bark], perzon [Kalle “perzon” Persson] and Kevve [Kevin “Kevve” Bohlin], that they are very suitable for our team, and then become the current team lineup situation.

Q: Before you played like a team like Playing Ducks, now come to Rogue so fast under the development of the club, you own such a team change how to see? What changes have you made since you came to Rogue?

I think this is great, Rogue is responsible for our team’s most basic work, especially the training arrangements and professional team management and construction, which allows us to focus more on sports.

Our team of people in the game and as a professional professional players are relatively young, at this point Rogue will help us improve themselves. There are some such things, such as will be invited from time to time and interview exposure.

As for my own life, although there is a lot of work in Rogue can not disclose, but I guarantee that the future development must be very good!

Q: Before joining Rogue, you worked with Linus “Limpone” Wecksell, Jesper “JW” Wecksell’s brother. Why did not he call you into your ranks? Why did you finally set up a team with Shadow?

Under the management of Rogue team, do not call him into the team’s main reason is because Kevve for IGL will be more experienced. The reason for forming a team with Shadow is that we need an AWP player, so that when we play the CT side or the side, it will help us build the team and enrich our play.

If there is no Shadow, then it is difficult to see the value of Kevve, such as the original we also called Limpone in the case, we forced to join Kevve into the team, even if he was not suitable for the case of the team.

Q: Which teams and players will be your search for team tactics or to enhance your own inspiration? What do you think of your style?
For my own athletic style, I am not specifically looking for a particular player, but in my role in the field to decide. For example, I recently learned the role of this map in training the castle, and I learned a lot from Magisk [Emil “Magisk” Reif] and TACO [Epitácio “TACO” de Melo] on my great honors.
The following are the same as the “For our overall team style, I think we play more open. We can play ferocious fast break, you can slow down the offensive rhythm, I think this will be more beneficial to us. Astralis, SK and North are the main objects of our reference if we say that some of the teams are the source of our inspiration.

Q: What is your future goal? What do you want to achieve in Rogue in the future?

Our goal is higher than you can imagine. We hope to be within six months of the formation of the team to be eligible to participate in such a level as DreamHack contest. Of course we also hope that we can become a higher level team!